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Chrono Trigger Party by sambees Chrono Trigger Party by sambees
Pft, so, I have been really busy lately with a job I'm working on, but in my spare moments I have had a chance to get a bit of sketching done, something I very much miss doing.

I have also had the chance to get to play my chrono trigger DS port and I must say all in all it was quite pleasantly nostalgic. Not because this game was a big turning point in my gaming life back on the SNES (as it was for many people who played it) but rather it feels like a return to form. I love the old sprite game look, I find pixels much more charming and engaging than the 3D psudo sprite bullshit that a lot of the games on the new hand-held consoles seem to be going for, though that might just be my general dislike for most 3D in general. I like seeing things that are drawn. The environments in this game are very beautiful designed and drawn. It's too bad I don't much care for Toriyama's character designs, so I take liberties :B

Well anyways, there is work to be done and it won't do itself. Maybe if it would I would have more time to think of a creative or witty title for this picture. Such is life.

Chrono Trigger (c) Nintendo and Square
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March 5, 2011
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