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FDA - End of Days - Coloured by sambees FDA - End of Days - Coloured by sambees
Pic Info:

Collab with =lone-momo, her lines, my colours, as per usual. You can see the un-coloured version here: [link] some promo school test stuff for the FDA book "End of Days" (currently on indefinite hiatus for various reasons)


Art and Characters (c) :iconbudgie::iconlone-momo:

Dear Typography: go fuck yourself

Love Steph.

FDA Update/Info:

Since we stopped posting them online online (and taken down what we have) we've been getting a surprising amount of questions as to when they will be available to read again or published, and unfortunately, the answer is, we don't know. Plagiarism is a huge problem on the internet, and we love them too much to risk further theft of them that way, so unfortunately, you probably won't ever see an online chapter update for them again. We may however in the VERY far future choose to self publish (as I doubt we would find a publisher interested in taking on subject matter such as ours, given the limited audience they would appeal to and we have no intention of changing the stories or the characters to the point where it would be marketable.) If we do choose to publish them, it won't be for a good many many years.

We may however release some of the side story/prelude books sooner, since they aren't dependent on the chronology of the rest of the series and if they go well, we will re-consider releasing the rest of them in the future more seriously, but right now, it is a distant priority.

So I apologize to our past readers who enjoyed reading them, and to the current potential readers who've expressed such interest in reading them now, we so love knowing that there are people out there that might love our world and our characters as much as we do and your interest in reading and seeing keeps our interest in writing and showing going :heart:

We will however of course keep posting the occasional art of it for you to enjoy, and very seriously consider releasing a fully illustrated FDA art book.

The Main Story:
Book 1: Makura's Book: A Light in the Dark
Book 2: Nikita's Book: Kings of Falls
Book 3: Felix's Book: Ghosts of Men
Book 4: Bay Lee's Book: The People in the Walls
Book 5: Llevyathan's Book: End of Days

Prelude Stories:
Theodox's Book: The Phantom King
Takeru's Book: The Girl That Wasn't
Mephistopheles' Book: The Shadow of a God

Mini Stories
Tobias' Story: The Locksmith
Orias's Book: The Fall
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March 11, 2009
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