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The Twilight Hour by sambees The Twilight Hour by sambees
I've been bed-ridden since I came home from America, I shouldn't have been travelling while I was ill and now I get to pay for it, thank you everyone who came and visited me at Sakuracon this spring, it was really cool seeing so many people from DA.

I feel really behind on my normal work, but I was instructed to take a few days off to recover, I'm not sure if doing what I do for work for my own fun counts as work :B But it gave me a chance to finish a few things that where sitting at around 99% completion that I otherwise haven't been able to find the time to do.

I know I don't post much fanart, but when I do it's always a safe bet that it's zelda :la: Twilight princess left a really lasting impression on me with it's art direction and atmosphere and I wish I had time to do more of it. Maybe I should get sick more often.

I also recorded a walkthrough if you are interested

I allow this drawing to be used for personal desktop use only. It is not to be made into products, icons, signatures, banners, layouts, tubes or other unauthorized derivative works in any form including uncredited redistribution, digital or otherwise, for either commercial or non-commercial purposes without expressed written permission from myself.

I'm pretty easygoing about my fanart, all I ask is that if you want to make it into something, you ask first and if you blog/share it that you don't alter it, credit me with a link and let me know by leaving me a note or comment :heart:
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May 2, 2011
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